Student Email

Student Email

Russell County Schools is currently providing School Email to all students.

Student Email is provided as a privilege for students to be able to better communicate with one another and their teachers about educational content.  All Email accounts provided by Russell County Schools are subject to be reviewed at any time.  Students can send and receive to anyone inside or outside our school system.  All emails are automatically scanned for viruses.  All email is archived for up to one year.  All email is filtered for content.  Inappropriate use of the Student Email system will result in loss of access to this privilege.

Access to Student Email will be available from home by using the following Link:

Russell County Student Email URL –

The username is: The student's full email address
The password is: The student's regular windows password

For All Grades the email addresses are

Student Email setting for SmartPhone

Add a gmail account to your phone by navigating to the settings menu and then clicking account then add a Gmail account and login with your credentials as listed above.